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MOOC Around the World – Our Global List of Distance Education Resources, Part 1

May 20, 2013

MOOCs where the trend of 2012, but 2013 MOOCs bubble over.

We all know the American platforms – Coursea, Udacity and edX,  but what do we know about MOOC platforms outside America? Well, before writing a threepart article, my knowledge was pretty limited.  Together with the MOOC News & Reviews site I started my MOOC around the World journey, to which I want to invite you.


MOOC Around the World – Our Global List of Distance Education Resources, Part 1 is the first leg of the journey, published today,  covering Germany, quite natural considering that this is my home country ;-), then we’ll cross the channel to visit my university the OU (Open University) and other platforms in the UK and Ireland. 

During the next stage of the journey, that will be published midweek, we still stay within Europe, visiting Inge Ignation de Waard in Belgium and her MobiMOOC. Netherlands with the first pan-Europe MOOC platform will follow, as well as platforms in France, before we’re heading south to take a look at Spain and Portugal.

Finally, we’ll make a big jump to Australia, where I discovered some interesting platforms, but India has also MOOC platforms to offer so does Latin America. So stay tuned, it will be an interesting MOOC around the World trip 😉




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